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The virus was just the beginning.

In the chaotic early moments of a global bioterrorist attack, Lucy King finds herself trapped inside her high school surrounded by her peers, a tyrannical principal, and an ever-growing number of bodies. What starts with the hope of basic survival and the quest to escape and find her family turns into a search for answers that will challenge everything she has ever believed.

The Virulent Chronicles Book 1
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Annabelle Saunders Day


"The Virulent Trilogy is YA apocalyptic storytelling at its very best! It truly shows the reality of what could happen when the inevitable does happen. Stir in a side of teenage drama, a diabolical mastermind and survival in its purest form. It's got the odyssey and camaraderie of The Wizard of Oz, but all the dread and doom of Contagion. Strap on your surgical mask, readers; you're in for a literary journey of catastrophic proportions." 

Cheer Papworth, founder of The Band of Dystopian Authors and Fans



"The Virulent Trilogy is unique in the YA Dystopian genre. It focuses on a group of teens trying to survive in a world where just about everyone is wiped out of existence by a virus. This story stands out because those kids could be your siblings or your friends and they are approachable and real. This story isn't bogged down by the normal tropes that seem to pop up in many dystopian novels. It's refreshing to have characters that are completely normal kids that worry about normal things like homework and friendships at that start, and then they find themselves surviving and thriving in this slowly deteriorating world."

Meagan Starr of Vampire Reads


"[Virulent] is a well-written, fast-paced dystopia from start to finish. The plot is standard to many dystopias of this type but didn't feel stale or over-used. I never found the narrative lagging, no dreaded muddy middle for this book. But, my favorite part was how realistic and authentic Wescott is about to make her characters. It is clear from the specific detail and the way she shapes her setting that Wescott knows her way around a high school. She also knows a thing or two about teenage minds. I thought Lucy was the right mix of strong-willed female lead, without falling into the stereotypical hole many lead females of this genre find themselves in. She was strong and weak at various times. She felt real to me and that is not something every author can accomplish."

Katie French of Underground Book Reviews

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