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The Ivy Falls Mysteries

In Ivy Falls, anything can happen. And it often does.


After Life-b-E-BOOK (2).jpg

Mara’s brother Soren remembers when his name was Cole.

He remembers how he used to play pirate ship with his brothers in the backyard, the taste of his mother’s soft and chewy chocolate-chip cookies, and that he rode the number eight bus to get to school.

And he also remembers the night he died.

"After Life" is a compelling YA paranormal thriller and an Amazon bestseller.

The Zodiac House-c-EBOOK.jpg

When Dinah and her daughter Willow move from Florida to a studio apartment in an upscale Portland neighborhood, it is hard not to notice the neighbors.

The Zodiac House, a mysterious mansion hidden behind a winding driveway, a towering gate, and guarded by 15-foot bronze statues, attracts tourists and locals alike, all eager to catch a glimpse of the rumored witches who live there.

Bewildered and amazed, Willow allows her curiosity about the house’s sordid history to flourish and soon the 16-year-old is catapulted into a dangerous underground world.

But eight months later, Willow is dead and Dinah believes the Zodiac House is responsible.

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